At AGRIWEISS ® we provide our users with the power to be more sustainable. We develop technology to empower our users to have a smaller carbon foot print.

We are a young, creative and ambitious software company that builds technology for farmers, growers, irrigators and home plant owners. One of the biggest challenges associated with growing plants and crops is the management of resources and energy, that is why we spend our time researching, learning and developing environmental technology that keep our customers happy.

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Antony Law

Firmware developer

Antony is passionate about putting together devices and automation. Studying mechatronics at Curtin University where he met Gautham (team member) he found the application of sensor technology interesting. Antony works on various hardware projects including automation and monitoring.

Caitlin Fisher

Marketing executive

Caitlin is passionate about plants. Studying marketing at Curtin University she found the application of sensor technology to improve plant health interesting. Caitlin works on various projects including social media, external communications and website design.

Chilumba Machona

Chief Technology Optimist

Chilumba is passionate about using technology to solve challenging problems. Growing up in Africa and observing the challenges many farmers faced, he sought to build an agtech company to solve these problems.

Faith Simachembele

Marketing & UX

Faith is passionate about good User Experience and Marketing.  Studying marketing at Curtin University she found it extremely interesting to apply learnings about user experience in data and technology.

Justin Liang

Software developer

Justin is passionate about computer programming. He built a project using the Spotify API which we found super impressive. Studying Computer Science at Curtin University he found it interesting to build software for anyone to grow responsibly.

Gautham Jayasankar

Firmware developer

Gautham is passionate about hardware design and 3D modelling. Studding Mechatronics at Curtin University where he met Antony (also a team member), he found a strong interest for team work and technology.

Ndiangui Kimani


Ndiangui is an ambitious and hard-working UWA finance graduate passionate about financial analysis, corporate social responsibility and business growth.

Nur Qistina Ropli


Nur is passionate about design, electronics and building sensors. Studying Electronics at Curtin University, she found it interesting to be involved with the development of sensors that help customers manage their plants confidently.

Yassine Filali

Agronomist consultant

Yassine is passionate about changing the world through environmental consulting. Graduate from UWA with a Masters in Agricultural Science he is interested in helping with using resources wisely.