Sammy Outdoor Satellite Data Hub

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The AGRIWEISS® satellite-enabled LoRaWAN gateway is a powerful, all-in-one solution for anyone looking to expand their LoRaWAN network to remote locations or areas with limited connectivity. The gateway combines a satellite modem with a LoRaWAN gateway, allowing it to receive data from LoRaWAN devices via satellite and then forward that data to a local network or the internet. This makes it ideal for applications in remote areas where traditional terrestrial networks are not available, such as in rural communities, remote industrial facilities, or on ships at sea. The gateway is easy to set up and manage, and comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to monitor and control your network. Whether you need to connect a remote farm, an offshore oil rig, or a remote research station, the satellite-enabled LoRaWAN gateway has you covered.


This AGRIWEISS® satellite-enabled LoRaWAN gateway is the ideal solution for anyone looking to extend the reach of their IoT applications to remote or inaccessible areas. The gateway is equipped with a powerful microcontroller, a set of input/output (I/O) pins, and built-in support for the LoRaWAN protocol, allowing you to easily connect sensors and other external devices and transmit the data they collect over a long-range, low-power wireless network. The gateway also features a satellite module, which allows it to connect to satellite networks and transmit data to and from remote locations where terrestrial networks may not be available. This makes it an ideal solution for applications in remote or hard-to-reach areas, such as agriculture, environmental monitoring, and disaster response. Whether you’re a professional developer or a hobbyist looking to experiment with the latest IoT technologies, this satellite-enabled LoRaWAN gateway is the perfect tool for extending the reach of your applications and exploring the possibilities of the IoT.

1 review for Sammy Outdoor Satellite Data Hub

  1. John Brown

    The Sammy is incredible ! Being 100Km away from Melbourne it was a great experience to work with the AGRIWEISS team to test and configure this product.

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