1. Soil sensors

Agrisave Technology uses advanced sensor technology to measure soil profiles for improved decision-making. Soil profiles are affected by many external events and these changes can be tricky to notice. Additionally, every soil profile has its own unique composition and therefore it cannot be taken for granted.

Agrisave sensors provide precise data on your soil composition to help you to better understand what is happening under the surface.


Moisture, salinity, pH.


Shows locations according to GPS co-ordinates.

Long battery life

Lasts typically around 2 years.


Strong sensor casing built for harsh weather conditions.

2. Data analytics

The sensor data is analyzed and different warnings and recommendations are immediately displayed in your account, detecting early signs of malnutrition, dryness or a crop’s inability to take in water and nutrients. Based on the analysis, you can adjust your irrigation systems accordingly and proactively prevent numerous problems that would lead to poor yields.

Crop Science

Moisture, salinity, pH.

Integrating crop specific parameters

Shows locations according to GPS co-ordinates.


24/7 accessibility.

Customized solutions

Free consultancy and advice included.

Get started with these 3 steps

How it works

1.   First, place the sensor in the ground and set the sensor to send readings at your desired intervals.

2.   Then the sensor data will begin to accumulate in the Agrisave app.

3.   After enough readings, the app will start providing recommendations based on the sensor data.


Agrisave's custom-made sensors pick up readings about the soil features you need to measure.


The data is sent to the cloud and displayed in an efficient and understandable way.


The findings can be used immediately to improve decision-making in farming practices.​

Understand your soil

Different crops have different requirements for moisture levels, nutrients levels, and pH of the soil. 

Agrisave sensors help you to better understand what is happening under the surface and adjust your irrigation systems accordingly.

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    Agrisave  would like to pay our respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members of our community by acknowledging the traditional owners of the land who’s soil our sensors analyse.

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